one more day for superman

Well, the doctors were just in for their rounds (normally the nurse comes and gives me a 1-2 minute warning, but better than none, today I woke up and they were all standing there). His primary surgeon wasn't here (the one who meanly (kidding....) gave us the glimmer of hope that we're coming home today). My biggest concern with Grayson is how much it hurts to pee. You're all probably confused, we came here for a poopin' thing and we're having issues with peein'... Well, here's some awesome TMI, he needed to essentially be re-circumcised at some point, no cutting involved, but that's what the doctor offered to do while he was under. Granted, had he not done that, we'd probably go home today, but, saves us another trip under anesthesia, etc., so, it was worth it. But, now you know. Any guys out there, you can probably relate to how much pain he's in...

Goals today will be to woo the doctors with how good we're doing eating, drinking, pooping and peeing. Who knows, maybe they'll let us go home tonight, but it's really okay. I would rather his pain be less before we bring him home.

So, no pictures from up here, he's still sleeping, but I'll leave you with this one, courtesy Jen Meneghin Photography. Love my little superman.


Randi said...

That picture is adorable Christy!

I hope he gets to get out soon and everything returns to normal for his little body.

Anne said...

Thinking of you guys...hoping you're homeward bound soon!