9 months

Connor is 9 months today. Randomly yesterday afternoon I asked the manager of our photo studio at work if he was by chance going to be in town today and by chance would have some spare time...turns out he kind of did :) So, we were able to do a little photo shoot and we are SO happy with the pictures! I'll post the unedited versions of a few of the ones we liked. I have so much playing to do with them :)

Things Connor is up to now:
-Pulling everything out of the cupboards and drawers
-Walking along things (fireplace, island, table in the living room), I think we're a ways from walking on his own tho
-Still only has 2 teeth, but he's drooling pretty heavily again so I'm thinking maybe more are coming
-LOVES to eat whatever mom and dad are eating. Gets REALLY mad if you don't let him have a taste.
-Getting sleep trained :( We're going on day 5 or 6 of letting him cry. It sucks, but, it seems to be getter better every night...as I type this he's screaming in his crib...but it's only been 10 minutes :( I hate it.
-still no words, but new sounds all the time
-is great at self entertaining himself
-still intrigued with opening and closing doors and cupboards
-loves drinking water out of cups, just not too great at it
-still eating Gerber 2nd foods. (3rds are seriously chunky)
-still not a fan of diaper changes and clothing changes (basically being confined to one spot)

There are more things I'm sure I should document, but I'm so tired, and feeling more and more guilty that Connor is crying (been 15 mintues now) and need to post the pictures and maybe make a new blog header.

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