office furniture!

We finally got some furniture/storage for the office/scrapbook room! I've been wanting it ever since we moved in, maybe even before, and finally we did it. Mom, Connor and I went to Ikea on Sunday after visiting my Grandma and got it all figured out. The room is a mess right now as I slowly take the time to organize it...not just put crap in the cubbies. I'll post pictures of the room once it's fully complete, organized and decorated. That's my goal this upcoming weekend.

Today I played in vball tourney in New Ulm, we lost out in the 2nd round of playoffs, but it was still fun and lots of ball.

Then this afternoon my parents and Joe, Krystal and Ashlyn came over to watch the game.
It's the first full week of work in two weeks. Not incredibly excited to go back, but a consistent schedule will probably be good for all of us.

And if you haven't heard, we're attempting to 'sleep train' Connor. Not going so well. He cried for an hour tonight, then I went up there, put the nuk in, he laid down, but just stared at me. As soon as I got 3 feet from the crib, he cried. So, I left. 20 minutes later we brought him down here. We're definitely training him to keep crying since we continue to go get him.

The first part. We bought an even amount of baskets, drawers and doors that all fit into the cubbies, and then also some to be left open. It'll make more sense once I'm done with it.

Connor was a big help during assembly :)

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