Sorry, for how much I get mad when my friends don't update their blogs, here I am at a week old status. Sorry. Some random updates, and sorry I don't have any pictures.

1. I don't even think I posted about my scrap weekend with Sarah. It was great to see her, scrap, and hang out. However, we didn't get nearly as much done as we had hoped, but, oh well. We are vowing to get together about 3-4 times a year at least. I think I have a picture of our mess, I'll post some day.
2. This past weekend my girls from college and their men came over/down. It was SO fun to hang out, even tho we had a terrible experience at the WOW Zone and then also Christy's Cafe (I know, how can you go wrong with a name like that...and they even spelled it right!). Both places have great potential...and to the cafe's credit, they had a cook call in sick. WOW just needs to figure some things out yet. (ie...half of our table got our food 35 minutes before the other food came. That's just wrong. But, they were very apologetic and we got half off)
3. Connor has a bad cough and I have no idea if and when I should take him in. However, his runny nose has dramatically improved the last two days, so maybe we're getting through it.
4. January is almost over. Crazy.
5. Going to Heidi's this weekend to scrap, so excited!
6. FINALLY have my office furniture/shelving assembled and installed...almost. It's not worthy of a picture yet, but soon!
7. Still debating if I should upgrade to a Digital SLR or not. A new camera is coming, Bryan's company is buying our current one...so...replace with a new point and shoot...or go big...literally.
8. Our treadmill is finally fixed. So, if I would start going to bed at a decent time, I'll start getting up in the mornings.
9. I cut over 6" off of my hair. And I actually wore it down today, all day. Don't get me wrong, I still hate my curly hair, but, it was liveable. It'll be up tomorrow.
10. I have a goal of losing 20 lbs by our friends wedding in Mid March. I debating posting this, but, now that I've announced it to you all...maybe that will help me stick to it. Then another goal before my friend Anne's wedding in May. She's making us wear t-length dresses..and I hate my legs. Even if I was 50 lbs lighter I think I'd still hate my legs. But Anne, I love the dress, don't get me wrong :) Ha.
11. My friend Angie was looking into her blog stats, which prompted me to look into mine. Pretty interesting. Over 35,000 visits last year. (so if you looked at the blog twice today, that counts as 2). Some of the search terms that bring people to our blog are hilarious. I was in need of a good laugh this evening.
12. Down to less than 60 bags of milk in the freezer.
13. Connor is getting a front tooth. I can see the white poking through. Maybe he'll figure out this chewing thing and stop freaking us out when he starts choking. The little turd.
14. My mom nicknamed Connor 'Schmo' a long time ago, and man has it stuck. Schmozer. Schmoligan. Schmo-man. I know. He'll love us if this sticks around.
15. I totally forgot to blog that Connor got bit AGAIN. This time on the side of his head. And it kind of scratched the surface. Geez. Kid needs to learn how to defend himself. Or, we'll send him to daycare with a helmet.
16. Work is work. I have work to get up for in the morning, which, I am grateful for.
17. My car is making a weird noise.
18. I'm getting desperate just to make this list to 20.
19. It's way past my bedtime and I've been reading a lot at night and have a hard time putting down the book, so I'll probably be up reading tonight til 12. Stupid.
20. Made it. I'm leaving work early on Friday for the weekend. Did I mention I'm excited? And a short day. Awesome. Should probably officialy request this from my boss... :)

have a great night!


our2boys said...

Oh, you make me laugh!!! I need to lose 20 lbs too!! First one there buys the other a drink one night??

Erin Barrett said...

Hey, at least your legs don't look like stubs. I'll have to get about 4 inches taken off the bottom so it actually looks like t-length on me...ha.

Anne said...

Hey now, pipe down on the dresses. You'll all look great, so quit with the legs talk. I could put you all in ice blue, cinderalla-ish dresses. Then what would you think...

Connor's got a top tooth?! The more he gets in, the less he can do his fake choke for you...with the little smirk at the end.

Sarah said...

I want to see a picture of your hair!