New Year's Eve

We laid low New Year's eve, we were kind of exhausted, Connor doesn't sleep at all if ther eis too much activity going on, so yeah, we just stayed home. Aaron and Jess came over to celebrate with us :) Bryan fell asleep on the couch around 7, woke up for a little comeback around 9 or so, but wasn't really into watching Aaron play Cabela's Dangerous Hunt 2009 on the Wii...Jess and I on the otherhand, wouldn't let him stop :) (Really, we just HAD to know what exotic animal was next :)) Sad. I know. Anyways, a few videos from the night.

These cupboards are NO big deal, dad. I don't need your help.

Hey, it was a holiday, right? Little ice cream can't kill a little man...taking it away was almost as bad as the beef stick...

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