9 month pics

Here are just a few of our faves!

such a little man. just need to edit out the ends of the bench.

so he was beginning to slouch a little, but mom was singing some nursery rhyme and he was thinking she was pretty funny

at the end of the yellow bucket prop. was definitely ready to come out.

can, ah, anyone tell me how to get to the weight room?

one of my favorites

and possibly my favorite. I'm calling it the 'praying mantis'. Doesn't it look like he's in the middle of a karate 'hi-ya!' too funny.


alnessler said...

Oh god...I laughed out loud at the last one. And talk about outfit changes...I'm sure he loved that:)

Very cute

PS - What is the deal with your child and karate pictures??? Flashback to the wing nut picture...

Anonymous said...

He is so darn cute and looks so old all dressed up. I also love the last picture. too funny. The faces they learn to make. Love the one with the polar bear shirt and hat on too. Gosh time flies, 9 months old already.
Krista kettner

Anonymous said...

Gosh, these photos are just tooo darn CUTE. He is growing into such a little man and so fast. Seems graduation is just around the corner. Ha!

Enjoy him!Time has a way of flying by!
L, G/G B