So, my phone died, as I mentioned. Then my friend Andrea responds to my email for phone numbers saying that her phone, which happened to be the SAME model as mine, died last night also! Kind of ticks me off, actually. Give me like a week warning so I can take my phone numbers out AND give me a credit for a new phone if you're no longer supporting it. Hate cell phone companies.

29 minutes seems to be Connor's magic number that he cries, then falls asleep. Last night we didn't hear a peep from his room from 9:30 to 7 this morning. Whoo hoo!

In the market for a new camera and I'm taking the plunge to a digital SLR. Except...I know NOTHING about lenses and that seems to be the kicker with these. Getting pretty excited tho, hoping to make the purchase in the next few days! Found a great deal (or so I think) on ebay.

Office status...getting there. Need a few things from IKEA yet to get it all put away, but the room is definitely getting cleaner :)

Last week was long, the weekend was short. But, my friend Sarah is coming down this coming weekend to scrap so I am SO excited! Hopefully the week goes fast.

Let's see. What else for my random Sunday night post. I'm out. Have a great week.

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Marta said...


Connor has ALWAYS been adorable...don't worry about being biased. Keep the Bode babies coming! ;)