2, 3, -20, 2, 3

2 - the number of baby girls born by friends today! Welcome Danica Ann Poehler and Paetyn (I know I spelled this wrong) Jean Otto! We are SO excited to meet these little girls! Kind of gives a girl the baby itch. HA. That was funny.
3 - the number of teeth Connor has! I discovered he has one way on the side, apparently he is skipping right over the two front teeth. Maybe next Christmas :)
-20 - the temp in my car on the way to work (speaking of my car, it didn't start this morning. weird)
2 - the number of minutes Connor cried tonight when putting him in his crib. Yeah!! Last night I was up for an hour with him from 4-5, Bryan came home at 4 from plowing so I think he probably heard him and thought maybe it was time to get up. So, we'll see how tonight goes. You'd think I'd be getting SO much more sleep. But I'm not. Not sure what my deal is but I toss and turn and can't sleep very well, not sure what's up, but it's annoying.
3 - number of days before my friend Sarah comes down for the weekend to scrapbook!

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