We knew Connor could do steps, figured it out a few weeks ago maybe, but the other night when I came back down from doing laundry or something, Bryan tells me that he made it to the landing all by himself. I was shocked. So, I taped it.

Then, today, Bryan and I were both pre-occupied with something (obviously not parenting) and we start looking for him, he is TWO steps from the TOP of the stairway. Not the landing, all the way up to the top of the stairs. I know. BAD parents. I guarantee he would have made it to the top, realized, hey, mom and dad are downstairs, and that wouldn't have been good. Guess I need to invest in gates.


Erin Barrett said...

Hey, kids gotta learn somehow...go Connor!

Ariane said...

He did that really well - what a stud! I love his little noises

Anonymous said...

He will be walking by a year, I think!
Also think he is trying to say "ma-ma" as he is climbing the steps.

He is growing up so!!!