1 minute

Maybe even less! That's the amount of time Connor cried tonight when I put him in his crib. Yeah!! He didn't sleep very well at daycare today, had a little trouble with his lunch (threw up a little, but we think because it was too chunky, seems fine in every other way) and yeah. He was a tired boy. But SO fun tonight, I had him laughing and giggling like I never have before. Tried to capture it on video...just have to try and make a few edits first :) (like removing me from the video...)

Also, funny story from last night, since our policy is to not go in when he's crying, and after 29 minutes last night he was out, this morning when I pick him up his ENTIRE head was CRUSTY. I look down and he must have spit up his ENTIRE supper (I believe it was rice, puffs and chicken noodle dinner) in his crib. Needless to say it was on EVERYTHING...and obviously his head. So, we had an out of ordinary bath before daycare today. I had to laugh. I tried to get him to feel his hair but he didn't really get it. Too funny. (sorry if you think this was cruel)

Hope you had a good Monday (as good as Monday's can get!)

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