Halloween 2012: Superhero Style

Connor decided what he and Grayson would be this year, and to no one's surprise, he chose Spiderman and Superman. He really wanted Grayson to be the hulk, but the costume didn't come in toddler sizing. I was nervous Grayson wouldn't keep the cape on, but he did, and I loved it! I do recall way back, probably prior to having kids or maybe when Connor was a baby, that I used to say I would not cave to light up shoes or character type clothing or costumes. Silly, silly, silly me. And note to anyone else who still wants to avoid light up shoes, absolutely do not let your child come with shoe shopping :)

Back to Halloween. Sorry for the crappy pics! Love my little heroes!

at their school's party


Unfortunately, no pictures from Halloween night, but as tradition goes, my mom and dad, Krystal and the girls came over for trick-or-treating!

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