4th of July!

Only six months behind in blogging....oops. Although (enter sounds of a broken record) I should be able to post more often after this one, it's been this post that's been preventing all other posts because of it's sheer number of photos...so...here goes, prepare for a bazillion photos, unedited (which I should note, don't expect too many edited photos on this blog! sorry! You'll have to pop over to christybode.com for edited photos, they just won't be of my kids, ha) Also, these photos aren't in any great order.

We once again went to my Aunt Mary and Al's cabin near Turtle Lake, WI for 4th of July. If I remember correctly, we stayed an extra day and it was great! I always anticipate vacations to be uber relaxing, but I've officially figured it out (not sure what took so long), vacations with kids are not relaxing :) But, it was a blast, the kids had a fabulous time! Thank you, Mary and Al!! Looking forward to next year! (and thanks for as always, documenting our time together with photos!)

a rare moment!

lots of throwing rocks

we don't travel anywhere without some heavy equipment

the men

and eating rocks

such focus while fishing! And we forgot his hat at home, so we made this adult sized T-wolves one work!

we played baseball

we drove the boat

washed our gator

tried to not choke on random things on the floor

this is SO my child.

we jumped into the lake

showed off our swimming skills

I think Grayson will be my fish! (although a few of the pictures above show Connor liking the water...you all know he doesn't LOVE the water. Grayson, LOVES the water :))

classic 'at the lake' shot

waiting for Connor to come give him a ride

Beaver Two-Five

at least rocks don't pass the taste test

Again, looking forward to next year!

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