Jack McGowan's Farm

Back in October, Connor's daycare class went on a field trip and I volunteered to go along as a parent chaperone. It's so fun to see your child interact with friends, their teachers, and just explore a new place! I actually have a lot more photos, but not sure parents want me posting their child's photos on my blog :) (and hoping Angie doesn't have a problem with it, ha)

My 'shy' kid surprises me sometimes (and I love it)! He volunteered to go up with a few of his buddies with this cowboy dude...

pretty cool!

then the cowboy got on his horse and climbed up onto the trailer. The kids were impressed :)

captain jack sparrow was there....

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Theresa Carlberg said...

Would you mind sharing your great story and photos on the McGowan Farm fan page? https://www.facebook.com/JackMcgowansFarm

We love it! Thanks!