connor's new scooter

I will admit it was a little strange this year not having a party on or around Connor's actual birthday, since we split the difference between his and Grayson's with the joint party. We still wanted to make it special, as I mentioned in a previous post, by having lunch with him at school, having him wake up to a room full of balloons (I had good intentions, anyways), letting him choose where to eat for supper, etc. In hindsight...I want to make his actual birthday more special next year. Take the day off or work, let him choose what he wants to do and where he wants to go. Although, it's very possible that would mean staying home and playing outside with his neighbor friends :)

Anyhoo...we did give him a new scooter on his birthday. One of his neighbor friends has one like this and his little 'toddler' version of a scooter  (ie safer, three wheels, etc., ha) wasn't cutting it. He was SOOOOO excited when he saw this waiting for him in the car when I picked him up. It's been so fun to see how quickly he picks it up, from having to have one foot down at all times to now easily gliding around with both feet standing on the scooter. Not even sure I could do it!

So, anyhoo...not much of a point to this post other than I've been such a horrible blogger lately I figured I should blog something!

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