photography update

My little side photography job has grown into something more than 'little' and I am loving it! I am so thankful for all of the friends that have given me a try and then the referrals that have stemmed from their sessions. I have anywhere from 2-5 sessions a weekend, obviously with the occasional weekend with less, but it's been pretty busy! Definitely trying to figure out when I'm supposed to get laundry and dishes and cooking and cleaning done... :)

Thought I'd share a few photos I've taken in the last two weeks or so, definitely improving but still have so much to learn!

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1 comment:

Erin Wiegratz said...

Christy, your pictures are awesome already!! I'm so proud of you and cant believe how quickly things have taken off so far. Looking forward to utizlizing your services in the future....would be kind of weird if I had you take a photo shoot of just me right now, ha. Love ya.