water fun

We have been loving the warm weather lately and are outside every chance we get. I'm not sure Connor is inside for more than 15 minutes each night, only coming in to eat and for bed. We of course have no issues with this. Grayson, wants to be wherever the big kids are (Connor and our neighbor kids) and absolutely LOVES the sprinkler. I think I finally have my 'fish'! (Connor, not a fish. Hates getting his face wet, etc.) Grayson sat by the sprinkler (quick $6 find at HyVee, ha) for hours, trying to drink from it, spraying himself, spraying Connor (which he found hilarious, Connor not so much, funny how things can turn...), etc. So...warning. Picture OVERLOAD on this post! I just couldn't decide, I loved all the facial expressions :)

Connor was certain Grayson would need his face wiped after getting it wet. Ha.


Ashley said...

These are the BEST of memories!!! Such sweet moments capture Christy!

The Jensen clan said...

Looks like fun! I love how Connor appears to have a firm grip on Grayson's head as he's wiping the water off.

Shannon said...

Hi Christy! I don't know if you remember me, we met at your work before Christmas for the Pear Tree website usability testing...I was checking your blog out (found from Angie Nessler's blog) and just LOVE your photos! I have always loved photography too - such a fun, rewarding hobby! I was curious what kind of camera and lens you use? Lately, my photos seem darker than they used too - and I'm probably in need of a new DSLR soon...so doing research via people's photos that I like...I figure that's the best way to find a great camera (or at least a new lens)! Hope you don't mind me asking!


christy bode said...

Hey Shannon! Would love to discuss cameras and lenses, shoot me an email at crbode@gmail.com and we can talk more there!