Happy Friday!

Knock on wood, both boys have been sleeping amazing. Grayson down between 730-8pm, and then I go get him about 7am. Sometimes he's just hanging out in his crib, other mornings he's still sleeping. Connor is a BEAR to wake up. Needs a good 30 minutes (my mom would venture to say he gets this from me...), so therefore I bring Grayson into his bed at 7 with his bottle (yes, thinking about taking this away soon, maybe when he starts acting his age and walking, ha) and that helps perk Connor up a bit. It's working well, but I should probably back this all up 10-15 minutes so we get out the door on time :) Doesn't help that it's 7:27 right now, I'm blogging, and have yet to do my hair or get ready. Oops!

This morning I thought Grayson had fallen back asleep after his bottle...

but popped right up at the sound of the shutter :)

Happy Friday everyone and have a great holiday weekend!

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