Chankaska Creek

Bryan and I have visited the new local winery, Chankaska Creek Ranch & Winery, twice now, once with my mom and then with a group of amazing friends this past weekend. It just opened and is so beautiful. As much as I NEVER wanted an outdoor wedding (I hate being hot, and my luck it'd be hot, or snowing) this place makes me want to get married again (to the same guy of course, ha) and have beautiful pictures taken. I think the fact that I'm getting into photography makes me love the place even more! Guess I should add that to my bucket list...shoot a wedding at Chankaska :) (any takers?!?! ha) Oh, and the wine? Considering I'm actually not that much of a wine-o....Bryan and I managed to find our favorite, Kasota Rose, and finish off a few bottles (with help, promise)...so pretty sure that's amazing too!

Our favorite wine! Also the bottom right picture, we're standing near one of the areas you could hold an event, beautiful view!

adorable baby grapes + my parents :)

 The first time we were out there, we got a tour of the barrel room (well, technically we did the second time, too) from the winemaker, Drew. As you've already learned above, I am not a wino (wine-o?), so I learned a lot in this room. Did you know barrels get reused 4+ times? Each barrel also identifies what forest the wood came from, how 'toasted' the inside of the barrel and the head of the barrel were during the barrel making process and how long the wood sat before becoming a barrel. Drew referred to the barrels as the 'spice cabinet' of wine making, which is just interesting to me. For all of you that knew this already, cut me some slack, I rarely venture outside of my 'Blue Moon + orange slice' bubble.

Last weekend, we got together with some amazing friends and did it all over again. Thank you to all of you for spending the weekend/evening with us! We had such a great time! Even if Sunday morning was a little rough for some :)

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Erin Wiegratz said...

Great pictures Christy! We had a lot of fun. Can't say the car ride home was the best, but it was all worth it ;) Love you.