more on Connor turning 4

Connor turned four today (sorry, old news if you saw my earlier post) and he had a great day! As I mentioned earlier, he busted me trying to fill his room with balloons before he woke up, but he still thought it was cool :) Bryan came home in the morning (he's out the door by 6 at the latest everyday) before we went to school so that was a special treat, Bryan and I met him for lunch at school, he got a new scooter from us after school, got to play all night with his neighbor friends and they celebrated with us by eating his monster cake! Whew. I feel a little guilty that it wasn't SUPER extravagant, I did offer to take him to a movie, but helping Bryan mow the lawn and trying out his new scooter were apparently more exciting. And, he did have a pretty fun birthday party already I suppose :)

So, a few pictures, no 'studio quality'...maybe this weekend I'll snag a few!

pretty excited about his special plate and napkin at school!

 We love you to the moon and back, buddy!

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