ball fun

We got this game for Connor I think for Christmas, or he received it as a gift, I can't remember. But he hasn't had too much interest in it until just recently. He's really good about putting the balls back on the track or in the hole and is very intrigued by the 'wind' that blows out of the hole.

Tonight WAY past Connor's bed time I find him and Bryan in the living room playing with it and oh my gosh, it was adorable. He was laughing his head off. The video below was the first one I shot, there were a bunch more after, but this one was probably the best. (so at the end (yes, I'm spoiling the end) when he falls backwards and crashes into a truck...it was funny, he laughed, and got right back up again for more ball game fun). And, he also knows how to operate the game too, which I thought was cool.


PS. I am SO behind on blogging, sorry, but I couldn't resist posting this video right away. Lots to catch up on, this week, I promise!

PSS. Connor is feeling MUCH better (as you can tell in the video) and is on antibiotics for the next few days yet.


Sarah said...

OK so I admit I watched the falling part twice. Hilarious!

Americas Funniest Home Videos perhaps? LOL for sure.

osborne said...

We have that same toy and Talan isn't too interested in it yet! This video was sooooooo cute! One of the best ones that you have ever posted! Love it!

Jackie said...

I had to watch the video twice too- what an adorable laugh!!! I've never seen a kid fall backwards from laughing so hard, awesome.