double ear infection

Well, got ANOTHER call from daycare today. Didn't have a real high fever, but just wasn't himself. Didn't want to be put down, only slept for 20 minutes, uncomfortable. So, I was just going to pick him up and bring him home and cuddle...until I picked him up. My heart broke when I saw him. Just so sad looking :( So I took him right away to urgent care, turns out he has a double ear infection. So, we're on antibiotics and motrin :) He was a 100% happier this afternoon/evening, was so nice to have our boy back! So, he just went down and hopefully he has a good night and sleeps well so he can go play with his friends at school tomorrow!

PS...there have been MANY times lately that we are SURE he's about to take a few steps, just hasn't quite got it yet, but he's close.

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