thank you

just wanted to say thanks for all the birthday emails, texts, phone calls and IM's. Birthday's aren't anything 'SUPER AMAZING' really these days, just getting closer and closer to 30...yet it was still a great day. Bryan took me to a movie Monday night (yet I paid with my NFL playoff winnings??!?) so that was fun, this morning I woke up to 3 cards, one adorable one from Connor telling me how I'm such an amazing mother (ha, but it was sweet), and amazing gift card to Aveda (whoo hoo!) and then a super nice card from Bryan...and it said lots of really nice things. I actually got teary eyed.

Then there was a GREAT goodie day at work waiting for me when I got there, streamers and balloons all over my cube, hung out with Bryan and Connor over lunch, won 3-0 at volleyball tonight and had a few celebratory drinks afterwards. All in all, a pretty good day.

So, thank you all. I have a request for baby pictures...I need to get some from my mom (Mom, please email me some baby pictures). They'll more likely show up in a post about who Connor looks the most like...me or Bryan.

Thanks again and have a great night yourself!

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