go big or go home

Well, that was my motto when purchasing a new camera this past Saturday. In no way am I aspiring to be an amateur photographer...not even close. I just wanted better pictures, and I got it into my head that in order to take, crisp, clean pictures, I needed to get a digital SLR. So, I researched, along with the amazing help from my aunt Mary (who takes all of our photos) and my uncle Bobby, I was debating between the Canon XSi and the Nikon D60. Both great cameras. But, I wasn't sure I was ready to start looking thru a viewfinder anytime soon. So, instead of looking thru a 2.5 inch LCD screen to take the picture...I'd have to bring the camera to my eye and look thru the viewfinder. Again, that would make me feel like a wannabe photographer...which, again, I am not. Nor do I want to be. (I have Mary :)) Okay, as if you wanted to know all this, but I'm almost done.

Then I found the Sony Digital SLR. It had a viewfinder...AND an LCD screen that you can look through to take the picture. TWO options :) Perfect. Sold. Sign me up. So, let the adventure begin with learning all about my new digital SLR...