state vball: evening

It wouldn't be state volleyball without a little evening fun. This year we had a near perfect schedule, with pool play starting at noon on Saturday, ending around 4. Then the first playoff game was at 9:10 (had this been earlier it would have been a truly perfect schedule). So, we ate and had a few drinks in between, then went out after our first tourney win. Good times! Oh, and to seal the deal on our perfect schedule, we didn't play until 11:45 the next morning :)

Bag man.

Jess and her friend Kristi.
That made for three 'christys', and all spelled differently.

Jess faked her out, was going in with a goofy face but switched it up at the last second.

Zach's new coat. Hot, huh?


Again, she took this herself. And didn't delete it, therefore, I post.
Jess, consider yourself warned.

Shuffleboard at the ball. SUPER fun. I felt like I was on the Olympic curling team, minus the sweeping.

And if you can believe it, we were back at the hotel by 1. Just enough time to have a good time, good drinks and lots and lots of laughing.

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