great weekend!

What a great weekend. Started out by my parents, Joe, Krystal and Ashlyn came over for supper on Friday night. My dad left for Asia today so he wanted to see the kids. Then a little later my friends Heidi, Amber and Jess came down to scrapbook for the weekend. We had a great weekend and of course ate too much food. I didn't get caught up in Connor's book, but I did get quite a bit done. One more weekend of scrapping and I'll be caught up, so hopefully that weekend comes sooner rather than later.

The girls left about noonish on Sunday, then Bryan, Connor and I took a 4-wheeler ride on the bottom road to Nicollet and back. It was a ton of fun. We stopped at looked at a waterfall, saw some animals, visited my old neighbor Marlin, and then as soon as we walked in the front door....Connor threw up :( The ONLY benefit to having a sick child, he cuddled for the next 6 hours. I love it when he cuddles (of course hate it when he's sick). Anne and Jeremy stopped by for a bit which was great to see them, too!

SUPER fun-filled weekend, and then right when the girls were leaving I remembered I fly to Idaho tomorrow! I feel like I haven't barely been home, haven't even bought groceries yet since we returned from our vacation. And this weekend is state volleyball. GEESH.

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