all in a days work

Here are the pics from when Connor and I went and visited Bryan on his job site and then stayed in the hotel in Fairmont.

Running the packer

Waving to mom.
It was VERY difficult to leave and go to the hotel. You can imagine the tears, anger, etc.
I don't remember what I bribed him with, but I'm sure it was something.

The hotel had a perfect sized little kid pool (along with a big pool) which was great.

Back to work the following morning, this time operating the backhoe. Hard to see, but he's pointing to something. Bryan was probably asking him 'where is [dump truck, packer, dozer, etc.]'.

And of course, it was difficult to leave once again. Not even bringing up the fact that he was going to go to Grandma Ruth's worked. But, a sucker at the gas station did the trick :)

We're hoping to take a family vacation mid-March to the Con-Expo in Vegas. Every third year of the convention is excavation type equipment. We can just about imagine Connor's expression walking into a convention center FULL of heavy equipment. Can't wait.

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