This past Saturday night, Connor and I drove to Fairmont where Bryan has been working to stay in a hotel with him since he had to work Sunday, too. So we got there about 6ish, went and visited Bryan at the job site (pictures to come, of course) then went to the hotel and swam in the pool. We had a great time, but still didn't really get to see Bryan since he didn't get to the hotel til about 10 and was of course gone before we woke up.

Then Sunday I dropped Connor off at my mom's and headed to a friend's house in Baldwin, WI to scrap thru Tuesday. Was nice to get away for a bit, but man did I miss my little man! Got done with his 2nd year album tho, so I'm officially only like 3.5 months behind, whoo hoo! (dork, I know)

Then today when I go to pick up Connor, I walk into the room and Connor is talking on the 'phone' (I think it was a kitchen timer?) saying 'Dad, Mom, come get me'. Then he turned around and there I was, it was pretty hilarious.

So, pics to come from the pool and Bryan's job site. Other than that, have barely taken any pictures in the last few weeks, I'll try to be better :)


Erin Barrett said...

Did you wear fanny packs while you were scrap booking?

bryan, christy and connor said...

only at the 'official' scrapfest, erin ;)