wisconsin dells

Obviously a little late on this post, but a few weekends ago we went to the Dells with my parents and my brother's family. Just a short weekend, Friday to Sunday, but we had a great time. The place we stayed at (Kalahari) had an indoor and outdoor waterpark, indoor theme park, and movie theater. Connor did great and had a great time in the waterparks (not AS fun as Ashlyn, who is part fish I think), but had a good time.

Bryan and I said we'll for sure be back. The drive wasn't terrible and there is SO much to do there.

Kids under a certain height had to wear life jackets, I was sure this would be an issue, but Connor was pretty good about it.

Pushing Ashlyn in the swing. Was all fun and games til the little boy in the background starting pushing Ashlyn, too. Which, was NOT okay. Ha.

Attempt at a group shot, didn't work out so well.

Going on one of the 'family' rides. To be honest, I'm surprised they let kids this little ride these things. The other one we went on, they basically said Connor had to hold on the handles, and so did I, and he had to sit across from me. Um, no. Pretty sure as soon as we were off the platform I held onto him.

Lazy river

Wave pool

The kids loved these water spout things, stepping on them, running thru them, etc.

Love her face here! Ashlyn was the queen of the slides, didn't matter if it had a waterfall half way thru it, she loved them all.

Thought this was fun, it's a 'top secret' thing of some sort. Maybe a haunted house, I don't know. But it's upside down.

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