first time golfing

Bryan and Aaron took Connor golfing this past Sunday for his first time out. Bryan said he did really well (ie behavior, patience) but they ended after 9 holes, weren't sure if he'd make another 9 (would have been cutting far into nap time). Bryan said about half the holes he had to putt until he got his ball in the hole and everytime the guys got out of the cart to hit their ball, Connor had to get out, too. Wish I could have been there to see it, but glad this is an activity he can do forever with these guys.

Sunday night while we were out driving around, we drove by North Links and Bryan told Connor that he golfs there, too (they went to New Ulm that morning) and Connor replied "daddy, take me with you?". How can you say no to that??

And pretty proud of Bryan for taking these on his phone :)

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Rachel said...

He could probably teach me a lesson in sports...miss you guys so much!!!