big boy bed

The other morning before work I had some random ambition to transform Connor's crib into a 'big boy bed'. The previous two nights he had slept in the really big boy bed (spare bedroom) so I thought it was probably time. I've been so indecisive on what his actual real big boy bed will be and wasn't planning on transforming the crib, but it was easy enough.

He LOVES it and has slept in it every night since. Some nights he still needs his BOB time in our bed with us, but then as soon as Bob is over he goes into his bed. This is great, because we'd gotten into the terrible habit that he fell asleep with us in our bed, then at some point, one of us would get annoyed enough with him kicking us that we'd transfer him to his crib.

The morning after his first night in the new big boy bed. Didn't fall out, and stayed at the right end, or at least that's how he was when I found him.

He is a bear to wake up in the mornings. Doesn't want to wake up, squeezes his eyes shut and says 'no school, mama' and rolls over as far away from me as I can.
Wonder where he gets this from...

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