You're all very aware how bad I've been at blogging, my apologies. I don't like it either. Just today I was thinking about how I've been horrible at documenting obviously the little things, but even the big things. My blog is my journal, but life has just been crazy lately.

A few random notes....

-just got back from a work trip to Pennsylvania and Maryland. Absolutely beautiful countryside there. Just gorgeous. Rolling hills, beautiful greenery, I could live there (and I don't think I've ever said that about anywhere else).
-busy with Christy Bode Photography, which of course, I love.
-celebrated a fantastic Father's Day today (probably should have started this list with that, but this list will not be in order, sorry). Church and brunch with Nate, Chery, Aaron and our family, home for some naps and out to the lake with my parents and brother's family. Beautiful day! (I do have some pictures for this one, at least from the morning activities, so a more enjoyable post (ie with pictures) coming at some point)
-Grayson was 15 months on Friday. Still not walking, but I'm certain it won't be TOO much longer, but probably another month or so. He also still drinks from a bottle once a day or so...oops. Otherwise still our happy, chill little guy. I do hope to get a few pics this week of him for a picture filled post.
-Connor started t-ball last week and altho I missed it, sounds like he enjoyed himself. Active and as energetic as ever, which we love. Spends 90% of his awake time outside (which is 100% great except for the fact that I swear he burns through shoes at a rate of one pair per month. Is this normal?)
-counting down the days (minutes maybe?) until our annual 4th of July vacation up north. Then we're home for three days before heading on a 4 day vacation to Wisconsin Dells and then the following week I have a work retreat. The summer is going to fly right by.

I'm sure there is more, but it's 12:10am and I should get to bed :)

Have a great week everyone!

Oh wait, I found a few pictures (that the rest also are deserving of a blog post) to make this post a little less boring. I took the kids out to the lake a few weeks ago... So depressing how far behind I am!

don't be fooled, he wasn't actually tubing, just hanging out by the dock 

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