drives just like his...

grandma Ruth? (kidding, mom...)

Let's just say, Grayson might not have the coordination (yet?) that Connor seems to have. When we gave Connor this gator for his 2nd birthday, it was about 20 minutes (who knows what it really was, compared to how long it's taking Grayson to figure it out, it feels like 20 seconds) before he was already shifting into reverse, driving everywhere, etc. And mind you, he was not, running into anything. Anything.

Grayson, well, he's stubborn. Heaven forbid you tell him to STEER [enter meltdown] or try to show him the correlation between the tires and turning the sterring wheel [enter meltdown]. So, I just let him drive in circles. The other weekend during the garage sale he decided to hop on and seriously just drive and crash into everything at the sale. I would have loved to see a video tape of the scene as I jumped out of my chair and literally superman dove for the tailgate, ripping the tailgate off, trying to stop him. [enter  meltdown].

Thankfully, he's just been content letting Connor drive him around lately. We'll try again in a few months. Maybe a year.

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