Oliver's First Few Days

Labor and delivery story, along with pictures from the hospital (post-delivery, don't worry) coming soon, but Oliver has had such a busy first 5 days I thought I'd better document it before we forget!

We got home from the hospital Wednesday afternoon, and I'm pretty sure Oliver slept for 6+ hours? Enough so that we were asking ourselves if he was okay :) Oliver passed his meconium and had three bowel movements within the first 24 hours at the hospital (YAY!), but, didn't go on Wednesday...didn't go on Thursday...so I made calls into the pediatric and GI offices, in addition to lots of google searches. Everything I read said more than likely perfectly normal to not poop very often as the baby might be absorbing everything, but, we're obviously at a higher risk that something may not be working right. Our GI doctor suggested we maybe just do a biopsy so we know either way.

Then, he pooped. (Friday morning) And, hasn't stopped since (knocking on every wood surface near me as I type this). WHEW! I'm thinking it was maybe due to the formula he was getting while waiting for me to produce enough on my own for him. So, for now, I think we're good on the pooping front!

But, back to the fun things Oliver has done! Thursday night he attended his first cul-de-sac baseball game when our friends in the neighborhood came over for a little game. Friday after doing great at his first doctor appointment, he made his first trip to Target. Loved it, I'm sure (slept the entire time). Friday night he went to the MoonDogs game, Connor had attended their baseball camp Thursday and Friday and got free tickets to the game. Then yesterday we attended a wedding in the cities, semi-successfully achieved a first family photo AND met Goldy the Gopher. Oh, and had his first night in a hotel. What a week! I will admit it was kind of fun to see peoples' reactions when they asked how old he was :)

We have been blessed with such a great baby. He sleeps, eats, poops!, and repeats. He gave me a 5 hour stretch the other night (of which I'm sure by the time I got to bed I got 3 hours, but, I'll take it!) and otherwise even if he eats every 2-3 hours, he goes right back down. Don't worry, I know this can change in a minute, but for now, we're sure enjoying it.

What's on his agenda this week? Newborn photos! Can't wait!

Not too shabby for our first family photo! Props to Uncle Aaron for the photo!

 Uncle Aaron with Connor, Oliver and Goldy. Gray? Terrified of mascots :)


Mel said...

Ohhh Congratulations Bode Family!! Oliver is just precious!! So happy for you guys!!! Best wishes!!

Erin Wiegratz said...

What a sweet little family you have, Christy! Quite a bit easier the 3rd time around, huh? Love and miss you. Congrats again! Can't wait to meet sweet little Olive.

Ashley said...

I Love your comment about peoples reactions when you tell them how old he is. Some people cringe and some are like WOW! Either way, YOUR baby and your choice. We were the same. We were scolded at the Nicollet County fair by an elderly woman when we were there with 6 day old Grady :) You enjoy that sweet baby. Excited for Newborn photos!