we're alive


I'm just going to come out and say that my blogging will continue to be horrible until it gets colder and darker....as that means I'll be forced to take less photos over at Christy Bode Photography. I do have lots of things to blog about...they're just going to be much delayed.

Please stay with us...in another month or so I promise to get back to regular updates!

To hold you over for a little while...a few videos of my main men...

This is a BIG deal for this guy. He finally jumped off the diving board, granted, I have to catch him, but still. Baby steps. We were proud :)

This guy...well, he continues to keep us smiling and laughing. He loves to dance (which, is funny because Connor NEVER has had any moves, any interest in dancing, whereas you tell Grayson to dance and he starts bouncing all limbs all over the place, it's pretty rad). And random, this boy is my snuggler and I.Love.It. Everyday when I pick him up from school he immediately places his head on my shoulder for a GOOD 30 seconds (doesn't seem long, but would you take 30 seconds of your baby snuggling up on up and laying their head on your shoulder...yeppers). Love this boy!

Hope you're all enjoying your summer! 


Rachel said...

I miss your blogging. Oh and you too. AWESOME jump for Connor. Why are you listening to Smashmouth (the only acceptable answer to this question would be that you were watching Shrek).

LOVE you lots.

christy bode said...

Haha, Rach. And yes....it was Shrek. Geez, you act like I have bad taste in music or something.................