Baby #3: progress!

As I posted on Instagram yesterday (@crbode), I give you not a belly pic...but a progress report. Oh, this blog didn't know I was pregnant? Sorry about that :) Officially 36 weeks this past Sunday/Monday (I think the doctor has me down for 6/29, I have 6/30) and had my first check on Monday. As I was getting checked by the student, I was complaining to my doctor why my body doesn't do babies...and why it seems every other woman (okay, not every) progresses, has great and fast deliveries. He just kind of shrugged and apologized to me, ha. I tell him that I have a bet with Angie that if I'm anything MORE than a zero...I owe her a pedicure. And then..the student proclaims that I'm, and I quote, "definitely more than a zero". A two! 50% effaced! Whaaaaat? I looked back, to when I used to blog, and I wasn't at that more than 12 hours into labor with Connor, and I was induced with Grayson a week overdue only being a 1. This.is.huge.

Okay, enough about that, I realize it's definitely TMI, but seriously, I wanted (still do?) a shirt made. Ha. I fully realize this does not mean baby will come early, I just now have some ammo to negotiate with my doctor to not let me go more than 7 days overdue before he induces me...hopefully :) When I tell him things like that, he just gives me a look that I am certainly not about to tell him what to do.

Also not trying to think about next Monday's appointment if my actual doctor checks, not the student, and he says she didn't have it right and I have no progress at all. It wouldn't surprise me, but sure would be a downer.

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