The WillowLot

You remember the movie The Sandlot, right? We have our own version happening just down the street several nights a week and I think it's the greatest thing ever. I just love so many things about it! It's random, never really planned, just whenever Evan and his dad want to play, a mass text goes out, and kids come running/biking/scootering on over. Every random kid that walks by is invited to play. There are no outs, there are no strikeouts, the little ones get lots of doubles and triples, and the moms and dads just get to watch, maybe have a few beverages, and enjoy the spring and summer nights. It's things like this I feel I can actually begin to enjoy now that I only have one job...prior to leaving my corporate job, I'd be stressing about getting back to my computer to edit, probably would just let Bryan take the boys down to the game and I'd miss out. I love being able to be more 'present' and relaxed!

Grayson has come a long way since our very first WillowLot game! From at first walking to put the bat back down on the grass after hitting it and running towards the ball (ha), to now throwing his bat down and taking off towards first!

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