bryan's new razr

No, I'm not blogging about a new razor bryan uses for shaving...I wouldn't stoop so low for blog topics...but this is a different 'razr'. Bryan recently purchased a Polaris Ranger Razr. It's a '4-wheeler', but to me looks more like a dune buggy. Either way, he loves it, Connor is obsessed with it, and I will agree it's quite fun. I wasn't a HUGE proponent of this purchase, but, I will credit Bryan that he doesn't have any other 'things'. No snowmobiles, no boats, no guns, no motorcycles, he technically doesn't even have his own car (truck is the company's). And, it's an activity that he can do together with Connor, which is great.

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Heidi said...

I'm officially jealous. We'll be down to play soon.