happy thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving from the Bode home! We spent the day at my mom's along with the rest of her extended family. Busy and full house, but always love getting together with all of my cousins, aunts, uncles and Grandma! My relatives are always good for a few laughs, good times.

Haven't been keeping up with the blog very well, been really busy at work (Bryan is getting a little irritated with the late nights on the computer), sick the first few days if this week, and don't have too many pictures to share. And blog posts without pictures just aren't as exciting (warning, this post contains no pictures...)

Heading to the dome to watch our hometown football team play for the state championship. We went last Saturday and let me tell you, I'm going to be a WRECK when Connor is playing sports. I'm about to get really sappy here...but man, you can just FEEL the pride these parents have for their kids out on the feel. I loved it. Near the end of the game (and it was an amazing, nail biter of a game) I had to try and avoid looking at one mom because she was crying, and that made me cry, then, the star quarterback as soon as the game was over ran immediately over to the crowds and jumped the railing into his parents...and hugged his mom. How do I teach Connor to think it's cool to think of hugging his mom right after a big win? It was cool, and it also made me tear up.

So, I'm bracing myself tomorrow, but should be a fun time!

Again, happy turkey day to all!

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