Putting up Christmas Lights...Bryan Style

Bryan hates putting up Christmas lights. He basically refuses to. Last year I finally begged him enough to at least just let me put our kitchen step stool on the back of his pickup and he just would back the truck up to wherever I needed to go next. Figured it couldn't be that hard to just sit and drive his truck. This year he again threatened to have nothing to do with it. Then he decided to borrow his friend's bucket truck and show me how to use it. Of course he had to be the 'cool dad' and give Connor a ride, first.

I will say it was kind of fun :)
Yes, we realize this is hugely cheating this annual task...but...we don't have a ladder. That would solve most of our problems and I'd be able to do it myself and not even worry about my scrooge of a husband.
Picture of finished work to come.

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