three boys, a girl and an unknown...

Babies!! I LOVE babies. Four of my friends have had babies in the past month, (two on Monday!), and I just found out today that another one of my friends is preggo (ha, that's the 'unknown' obviously)! SO exciting!!!

Peyton Nora, mom is Alissa, college friend and worked together at ShopKo and Menards in college

Conley Ryan, mom is Sarah, also went to college with her, bridesmaid in my wedding, scrapbooking partner in crime

Cole Michael, mom is Andrea (she needs a blog...hope you're reading this Annie), high school classmate

Jett Lucas, mom is Heidi, friend from college and another co-worker at good 'ol Menards.
Can't wait to meet all these babies!
Oh, and I don't believe I'm at liberty to say who announced their pregnancy to me today, sorry! But I'm excited!


The Nesslers said...

I feel i need to put a disclaimer on here....the unknown is not me! But I am very excited for the person who is:)

Cullen, Jen and Avery said...

dang...that was my first thought!!!! :)