bubble machine

I've tried giving Connor a bath in our master tub once, he HATED it. However, he was probably only 5, 6 months old, sliding all around, turned on the jets, freaked him out. Needless to say it was a very short bath. Then one night recently, Ashlyn was over so we decided to give them both baths and in our master tub. The kids had a BLAST turning on and off the jets. Laughing, giggling, etc. Loved it. But I don't know if it's because our tub is wide or I had the wrong soap...it didn't create a bubble heaven like my mom's tub did a few days later...

Connor (wuss) unsure while Ashlyn (half-fish) soaking it in.

Okay, maybe this IS fun.

Don't worry, we stopped the bubbles before they overtook Ashlyn.
She was in no immediate danger.

Yes, I realize they will hate us for how many bath pictures we have of these two together.
It's quite a lot.

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