Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break. Mine has been awesome. I've been off of work since Wednesday afternoon and am taking most of tomorrow off. Loving it, and it was a much needed break. It was so nice how Christmas fell this year, my Mom and I both said on the way home how NICE it was that the next day was only Saturday! We did the 'norm'...Christmas Eve afternoon at my parents, Christmas Eve evening at Bode's, Christmas Day at my Grandma's in the cities and then tonight we celebrated with Cheryl's side at Whiskey River. Pictures of all to come. I think we're still having a Bode extended Christmas, I hope?

Bryan was able to make all of the events, the time not spent at a family gathering was spent plowing. Crazy how much snow we have!

Anyway...hope you all had amazing weekends with friends and family!

PS...to explain the Santa picture. We knew it was going to be bad. He started shaking and kicking when we got within 10 feet of Santa. But, the scrapbooker in me couldn't go without a picture, right? Plus, I knew it was going to be hilarious. So, I made sure the camera guy was ready and plopped him on. Literally...there was NO sound coming out of Connor's mouth he was 'screaming' that hard, not even breathing. I bet it was a good 5-10 seconds after Bryan saved him from Santa that you could finally hear the screams. Took quite awhile for him to calm down. Hilarious. I love the picture (is that wrong?)! He'll laugh someday ;)

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Heidi said...

It isn't wrong that you love the picture. Remember Reece screaming in the pumpkin? Still my fav.

See you soon!!!!!!!