Conley Ryan

This past Sundy I drove up to meet my friend Sarah's new baby, Conley. He is SO adorable and such a good baby! I pretty much hogged him from his parents the entire time, but also was able to witness their newborn photo session with Gina! Ha, yes, I invited myself to stay during their first family photo shoot, classy, right? However...it was super cool because Gina gave Sarah and I some pointers with our cameras so that was cool!

Gina at work. It was so interesting to watch her (uses all natural light) and how she sets everything up. Newborn babies are fun to manipulate! Ha. Again made me so sad I never got to do these with Connor. Oh well.

The new fam + photogrpher :)

Baby legs! Not going to lie, SUPER impressed with the fact that I got his feet/legs in focus and the rest of him is out of focus. Whoo hoo!

So cute.


Ryan and Sarah Abbott said...

You are a geek. It was FINE! ;)
Love the pics though...ahhh especially those baby legs!

Heidi said...

Conley is such a handsome baby!

If you want, you can bring your nice camera up and manipulate Jett in January...