Snow Day

Wednesday Connor and I stayed home do the the super fun blizzard outside. Our street I swear is the last street to get plowed. Two vehicles were stuck in our street, one required towing. The drift in front of my neighbor's garage was probably 5' tall. I was planning on going into work as soon as Bryan got home from plowing (had been out since 1230 am), but it was so bad out that it took him FOREVER to get done. By the time he got home to do our driveway I was putting Connor down for a nap and they still hadn't plowed our street. So I worked from home. Anyways, here are a few shots while trying to keep Connor occupied.

baking cookies...by candlelight. ha. don't worry, he knows the candle is 'hot'

My attempt at a sihlouette! Kidding, it happened by total accident. But, thought it was neat. He watched the plow the entire time it was outside, and for probably 20 minutes after it was gone hoping for it to return. In the afternoon, Bryan took Connor plowing a few driveways in the neighborhood, you can imaginehow cool he thought that was.

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