I've definitely beel slacking on the posting lately, have kind of lacked a motivation to do so. Been really busy at work and working at night after Connor goes to bed, which, I am definitely not complaining about as at least I have a job, but, I'm tired! I'm so ready for a break but unfortunately have barely even thought about Christmas yet. I FINALLY wrapped the presents under the tree tonight, however the gifts have truly just been laying beneath the tree for the past few weeks. So, Bryan knows all of his gifts, Cheryl, I'm sure you saw yours, and Killer, if you read this, I'm sure you saw yours, too. So, sorry, this Christmas is not much of a surprise but at least I wrapped them. That counts, right? I also bought myself a pack of mats for my Cricut and wrapped them from Bryan. :)

I've been a slacker on taking photos and videos as well, however the other day I was thinking about that and then decided that it's less moments I'll have to scrapbook and then I won't be even more behind. Bad, bad, bad.

So, hopefully you all are doing well and let's hope this supposed snowstorm doesn't prevent us all from seeing family this week! (I'm highly doubting we'll get 20 inches...they didn't even predict the two we got the other night, why should I trust them when they say TWENTY inches)

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