Christmas at the Loula's

Christmas Eve day/afternoon we spend with my parents. It's so fun to see the kids play together, they're quite entertaining. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for everything!!

First gift. A suped-up dozer from Ashlyn. I'm not sure he put this down the rest of the DAY.

True love.

A six-piece play kit for Ashlyn from Connor. Coolest thing ever, car seat, pack-n-play, swing, high-chair, stroller and something else.

Opening a joint-toy from Grandma and Grandpa. Notice only one hand is free to help unwrap...

Ooh...mega blocks! Still holding the dozer.

They both got some really cool new books.
Connor still holding the dozer.

Ashlyn's first set of personalized note cards from none other than Pear Tree Greetings ;)

such a serious task.

Another cool new book, this one makes noises of excavators.
And...we're still holding the dozer.

Bryan's, er, I mean Connor's, new pjs :)
And we have dropped the dozer! Apparently the Elmo phone wins out.

The big gift from my parents, they loved them! Too bad their feet didn't reach the petals. Won't be long!

And the totally awesome fish tent my mom got.

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