fun with Kate

The other night we couldn't find a babysitter so Angie kindly offered to watch Connor the first hour we needed and then her sister came over for the rest of the night (thanks again!!). Ang snapped a few pics of the two playing together. Sounded like there were 'toy struggles', 'light hitting' and of course, a kiss or two. To clarify, Connor was the attacker...we're working on it. Hug, not hit, that's our motto, ha.
"Who are you and why are you on my chair."

"Um, well, I think your hair looks really nice."
No idea why Connor is standing like this. Kind of impressed, looks to be an ab workout.
And she goes in for the kiss. Yes, at this time, Connor is claiming he was only trying to stand upright and she took full advantage and kissed him.

And then Kate must have gotten sick of him wanting to liplock...she tried replacing herself with his sippy cup. Not sure how long he ws fooled.


Okay, are you okay back there? Because if not, just get off.


Erin Barrett said...

such cute little blondies!

The Nesslers said...

To clarify...Kate was the diva....Connor was the angel.