frankenstein? harry potter?

Warning (although, this post won't be long enough that you'll be scrolling for the photos, so, sorry if I've grossed you out!). This post contains some minor graphic images.

Connor had his first fall that resulted in stitches yesterday. I was at a management retreat all week so Bryan was the one to pick him up, take him to Urgent Care, etc. He called me at about 830AM yesterday morning as he was on his way to daycare. They had called saying Connor had fell and might need stitches or glue. I told Bryan to call me as soon as he got to daycare and to send a picture.

My concern rose once I saw the photo.

But, Connor was tough and doing great. Bryan went right to Urgent Care where they cleaned him up and got four stitches.

What happened next? Connor got to spend the rest of the day driving around with dad, running backhoes, skid loaders, etc. Hopefully he doesn't now purposefully fall so he can play hooky more often...

And, I guess we'll have some natural inspiration for his Halloween costume this year?

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