I'm in it for the shirt.

I am not a natural born runner. I also don't particularly LOVE running. I do it (on occasion, let's not kid ourselves, ha) because it's exercise and because it allows me to get new shirts when I participate in races. When considering a race (and again, we're talking MAYBE one a year), the first thing I review is the apparel. I ran a 10k in London when studying abroad and didn't get a shirt. I repeat. I.Ran.A.10K.In.London.And.Didn't.Get.A.Shirt. Still bitter.

So, when my friend Desirae' suggested a few of us run a 10K in St. Paul that came with a JACKET, a performance material jacket, I was all in.

Come to find out. It's a wind breaker. It says 'WOMEN ROCK' on the back (which I knew going into it that it would, but I was trying to overlook that detail)  and on one of the girl's jackets, the R was missing. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. Forget the half naked firemen at the finish line handing out our sapphire necklaces and the glass of champagne (not kidding), the jackets were a let down.

What do I do? Signed up for the Mankato 10K in October because it comes with a gray, long-sleeve technical shirt. Yes. I am in it for the shirts.

Oh, and on a brighter note, I ran this 10K faster than I ever could have imagined! Goal was between 60-65 minutes and I came in at 59:25. Whoot! I came in 388th out of 2166 people. I think 10K might be 'my' distance from here on out. Maybe a 10-miler someday, but I might be done with half marathons...sorry, Anne.

Jess and I. She just had a baby two months ago and finished around 54 minutes. She rocks.  

At the start, Chandra, Sarah and myself. Love self-taken portraits where your own head looks ginormous.

Until October! 
(until I blog about running again, that is)

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lmbarbeau said...

Me too! The health rewards are only the bonus!