Well, I took Connor in this morning to see if he had chicken pox. Supposedly only 2% of fully vaccinated kids get them, but it wouldn't surprise me that he'd fall into that lucky bunch. He doesn't have a lot of the bumps, but enough to do a bunch of googling on the subject :) No fever, no bumps on his stomach, or in the 'hot' spots (arm pits, groin, etc.). But, he seems to be the only kid at school with this many bites.

So, we took a trip to the doctor's office this morning, they did poke one and swab it to send out for official testing, but they're (nurse practitioner and dermatologist) pretty convinced it's just bites. Oh, and he has an ear infection along with the pink eye he has right now. Normally for the ear I'd take him to our trusty chiropractor but with the pink eye I figured some additional antibiotics couldn't hurt. Eye drops are NO fun in this house and I would guess I successfully get the drops in maybe every other time we do it.

Picked up some anti-itch creams that we'll start using tonight, hopefully that helps. He keeps saying "Off, mama, off!" while trying to pick off the bites. Poor guy. He has like 4 on the bottom of one of his feet, those are the worst. However he does lay pretty nicely with a cold rag on the bed or floor and just sets his feet on it :)

I feel like it's worse in person. Maybe because you can see all of him at once, then :) Happy Friday!

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